Military, Homeland Security, and Defense Facilities
AAE designs network operations centers as well as mobile and transportable terminals for military, homeland security, and defense organizations. AAE provides design, engineering, construction management, and technological integration for mission critical facilities. The buildings and structures designed by AAE are state-of-the art and the information communications systems maintain connectivity independent of location. For military camps and facilities that are of a temporary nature, AAE offers design, operations and maintenance, facilities management, and life support services.
Communications Solutions
AAE offers communication solutions for homeland security and defense. AAE designs customized communications networks for homeland security and defense operations that accommodate high-speed voice, video, and data communications transfer with military grade encryption in addition to 3DES and AES-256 encryption. Networks use satellite connectivity as the backbone, and can be designed in various topologies to fit the needs of the customer. AAE provides full systems integration for fixed, mobile, and portable terminals that act either as a headquarters or can deployed into the theatre.