At AAE, awareness that the future is sustained by the actions taken today is pervasive. All employees have access to training, giving them marketable skills they can use well into the future. As much as possible, “green” design principles are integrated into solutions so that they are not only functional but also minimally invasive on the environment. AAE’s solutions are designed for future improvement; they are interoperable, future-oriented, and expandable.

Health and Safety

AAE takes precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all employees, contractors, and clients. Prevention is the cornerstone of AAE’s philosophy. AAE minimizes the opportunity for accidents and injuries by implementing and enforcing stringent safety protocols. All AAE employees and subcontractors abide by these standards, and by doing so, the company is better able to prevent and manage potential hazards.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Since its inception, AAE has been driven by a commitment to delivering top-notch solutions of exceptional quality. AAE’s primary goal is to create and deliver products, services, and solutions that meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of AAE’s customers. Total customer satisfaction from one hundred percent customers is the ultimate goal.

Creativity and Innovation

AAE brings creativity and innovation to the products, services, and solutions it delivers. Even the smallest innovations can result in added value to AAE's customers. AAE aims for continual improvement in engineering, technology, procurement, maintenance, business processes, partnerships and relationships, sales, and customer service.